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Polyisoprene Second Skin Feel &
Minimum Latex Sensitization
Neoprene Chemical resistance &
Low Allergenicity
Nitrile Excellent Durability
Natural Rubber Latex Comfortable & Affordable


Material Title: 
Sensitive Neoprene Gloves

A new feel in double donning and dry applications

Key Features

Superior Sensitivity

The new Neoprene formulation ensures increased sensitivity due to the polymer thickness (0.13mm or 5 mil).

Comfort & Fit

Produced on ergonomically-designed hand specific formers to enhance fit and comfort, and to reduce hand fatigue and stress.

Chemical Splash Resistant

Made from 100% polychloroprene, TouchNTuff 73-300 & 73-500 gloves offer chemical splash resistance against a broad range of chemicals.

Reduced Risk of Type I and IV Allergies

Sensitive Neoprene gloves are not manufactured with natural rubber latex or accelerators responsible for end users’ Type I and IV skin allergies, thus reducing the risk of development of such allergies.

No Cuff Roll-Down

Ansell SureFit Technology eliminates “cuff roll down”. By maintaining the glove securely around the arm, Sure Fit Technology provides workers in Life Sciences with more protection during routine lab work and manufacturing by ensuring the efficacy of the gloves as a barrier protection.

Easy Donning

Synthetic polyurethane inner coating enables ease of dry and wet hand donning. Design and polymer thickness facilitate ease and comfort of double-gloving, while cream color is a good indicator of breach in double donning applications where other color gloves offer for more safety.

Approved for use with chemotherapy drugs


Applications (Clean)

Blending operations
Blistering Operations
Cytostatics handling
Filtration processes
Handling active material
Laboratory analysis
Liquid Clean-up
Maintaining equipment & instruments
Medical device manufacturing
Organic / material synthesis
Preparing pharmaceutical products
Protection from fluids
Shipping, transport & delivery

Sensitive, Chemical Splash Resistant single-use glove, for dry and double donning applications

The non-sterile version of this TouchNTuff glove is manufactured by using a polychloroprene formulation to reduce the wearer’s risk of Type I or IV allergies that are commonly caused by natural rubber latex or other synthetic gloves. The glove formulation, linked with its extreme thinness, delivers unprecedented sensitivity and comfort in double gloving and dry applications and offers chemical splash resistance against a broad range of chemicals.

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Material Neoprene
Color Cream
Glove Design Anatomic hand specific
Cuff Long, beaded
Sterilization Not applicable
Clean Room Compatibility Gloves are packed in a controlled environment, in a cleanroom-compatible packaging material, which is printed with IPA resistance ink. Recommended for Class 100 (ISO 5) areas. Grade A Clean Room Suitable.
Audit Standards Manufacturing Facility Registered to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001
Quality Control Compliant with ASTM D 3577, Type II, Cat. III glove, approved for use with chemotherapy drugs.
Packaging 20 right and left hand gloves are packed in separate compartments in a polybag; 2 polybags per master polybag, 5 master polybags per case liner; 200 pairs per carton.
Storage Cool environment, shielded from ozone and UV light
Country of Origin Sri Lanka
Property Typical values Testing method
SIZE 5.5 6.0 6.5 7.0 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.0 ASTM D3767/EN 420
Nominal Length (mm/inches) 305/12 305/12 305/12 305/12 305/12 305/12 305/12 305/12
Average Palm Width (mm) 72 77 83 89 95 102 108 114
Freedom from Holes (Inspection level I) 1.0 AQL ASTM D5151/EN 374-2
Palm Thickness Single Wall 0.130 mm / 5.0 mils ASTM D3767/EN 420
Particulate Count ≤ 2500 Counts / cm² IEST-RP-CC005.2-7
Endotoxin 10.4 EU/pair of gloves ASTM D7102
  Before Aging After Aging  
Ultimate Tensile Strength 17 12 ASTM D 412-06a
Elongation at Break (%) 650 490 ASTM D 412-06a
Modulus @ 500% 7.0 Max N/A ASTM D 412-06a
Force at break (N) ≥ 9 ≥ 9 EN 455-2
SIZE 5.5 6.0 6.5 7.0 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.0
ASPN 520164 520165 520166 520167 520168 520169 520170 520171
ORACLE 114088 114089 114090 114091 114092 114093 114094 114095

Performance Standards

EN 374EN 374EN 421BOOKLETCE 0493




Natural Rubber Latex