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Material Title: 
Nitrile Glove with Ansell GRIP Technology
Lab & Utility
Key Features

Enhanced Grip

Minimizes the force required to grip dry, wet or oily objects, reducing hand and arm fatigue and improving dexterity, safety and productivity.


Proprietary nitrile formulation provides comfort for long wear periods.


Offers high tensile strength and 3 times the puncture resistance of latex or PVC disposables.

Chemical Splash Resistance

Resists a variety of industrial chemicals for longer periods than other nitrile disposable gloves.

Prevention from Type I Allergy

Contains no natural rubber proteins, therefore protects against Type I skin allergies.

Silicone Free

No transfer of silicone contaminants to contact surface.

Touch screen capable glove


Applications (Lab & Utility)

Analytical testing
Assembly and inspection
Blending operations
Chemical handling
Filtration processes
Handling active material
Laboratory analysis
Light assembly tasks
Light duty maintenance
Liquid Clean-up
Maintaining equipment & instruments
Medical device manufacturing
Organic / material synthesis
Pharmaceutical manufacturing
Preparing pharmaceutical products
Protection from fluids
Shipping, transport & delivery
Tablet press operation
Weighing & dispensing

Nitrile Glove with Ansell GRIP Technology™

The Ansell TouchNTuff 93-250 provides enhanced grip in dry and wet environments, and is the only disposable glove that facilitates handling of oily objects. It combines the robust strength and functionality of the TouchNTuff line, with a uniquely formulated, grip enhancing synthetic nitrile based design. These single-use, nitrile gloves have high tensile strength and excellent puncture resistance and is silicone free so reduces the risk of product contamination from silicones. In addition it is touch screen capable.

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Material Nitrile
Color Anthracite (Grey)
Glove Design Ambidextrous, Powder free, Textured fingers, Enhanced grip throughout palm
Cuff Beaded cuff
Audit Standards ISO 9001
Quality Control Compliant with ASTM D 6319
Packaging 100 gloves per dispensers, 10 dispensers per shipper, 1000 gloves per shipper
Storage Keep out of direct sunlight; store in a cool and dry place.
Keep away from sources of ozone or ignition.
Country of Origin Malaysia
Property Typical values Testing method
ASTM D3767 / EN 420
Nominal Length (mm) 245 245 245 245 245
Freedom from Holes (Inspection level I) 1.5 AQL ASTM D5151/EN 374-2
Palm Thickness Single Wall (mm:0.125) / (mils:5.0) ASTM D3767/EN 420
  Before Aging After Aging  
Ultimate Tensile Strength > 25 Mpa > 25 Mpa ASTM D 412-06a
Elongation at Break(%) > 590 % > 520 % ASTM D 412-06a
Force at break (N) > 10 N > 9 N EN 455-2
EMEA 93250060 93250070 93250080 93250090 93250100
NA 119630 118247 118248 118249 118250

Performance Standards

EN 374EN 374BOOKLETCE 0493




Natural Rubber Latex